About Austica Group

AUSTICA the Pioneering Nutrition, Health and Wellness Group working for health-related industry from last 20 years Internationally with its prime name AUSTICA HEALTH and AUSTICA INC. We have our unique, unbiased and approachable way of empowering health. We are here to serve wellness to one and all people of society. We believe to work on one simple principle “Equally care yourself and others” - ALL HUMAN ONE RACE.

To make everyone healthy both physically and mentally, as we usually see and even hear people saying that they don’t require any participation of any camp related to health as they are fit and free from diseases, but the truth of the matter is that in most of such cases people are actually mentally sick due to stress or depression. Therefore, we aim -
• To empower our clients to reach their full potential with a healthy mind and body through our innovative approach towards health and wellness.
• To be the world’s leading health resource partner for our clients, leading by the example of excellence, care and innovation.
• To be a competitive, leading, nutrition, health and wellness company creating healthy generations of humankind.

• To create trustworthy and quality systems, products and services which will assist in generating good lives for our clients.
• To ensure good health of our clients through intensive research and innovative ideas for better living.
• To provide the best health and wellness experience to our customers/clients by delivering continuous innovation, thorough research and outstanding value.
• To improve the health of our customers/clients with a commitment to excellence by offering quality health care, wellness programs and services in a caring, accessible and convenient manner.

Austica works by organizing different medical and health camps, seminars and one-to-one counseling related to health.
Our programs not only evaluate individually but also provide proper guidance for improvement. Our counseling will help and decide what and how much to eat within your calorie allowance.
We encourage the participation of anyone and everyone who want to improve health in their community and beyond, including, but not limited to, policymakers in the public and private sectors, scholars and community leaders, citizens and advocates. Please feel free to share your comments directly on the blog or by contacting us with your suggestions, questions, or concerns.
Consult now for eating pattern and physical activity program that is right for you!

Calcium level is checked with a particular machine
Diabetic neuropathy is deducted with particular machine
Medical camps with blood test and design of diet
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Heart
• Cholesterol
Health camps or nutrition seminar with blood test, counseling and program to overcome the problem
• Deficiency of any vitamins
• Weight loss
• Teens
• Awareness