You are what you eat..!
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Sports Nutrition

Sports person or athletes need extra nutrition so as to deal with stress and strain of the game and moreover to boost energy levels so he/she doesn’t get tired. Thus, nutrition is fundamental to an athlete’s performance.
Dieticians evaluate individual nutritional needs of the athletes and design personalized snacks and meal plans to promote his/her performance and in turn good health. They also evaluate nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements for safety, quality and efficacy and monitor the use of appropriate supplementation.

Personalized Nutrition

Nutritional assessments are personalized based on client’s individual nutritional needs using personal medical history and daily routine activity.
We offer customized, designed weight loss programmes based on natural therapy, along with offering health plans that help you to manage health problems.

Corporate Nutrition

Poor nutrition and bad eating habits can prove to be very costly to the companies today – increasing obesity, risk of disorders and absenteeism, thereby hindering employee productivity.
Corporate Wellness Programs
Corporate wellness programs are in trend now a days and proving to be beneficial in improving employee productivity. The key to successful programs is engaging employees, motivation, support and strategy. Five Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever. Available at:, assessed on 8-10-2016.
The American Journal of Health Promotion shows an average 27 percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26 percent reduction in health care costs, and 32 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims, with a wellness program at workplace. Corporate Wellness Presentations/Group Workshops. Available at:, assessed on 12-10-2016.
Canteen meal planning workshops
The workshop for canteen managers, staff and volunteers so as to inspire healthy menus. It a:lso serves as a great opportunity to -
• Understand the canteen guidelines
• Learn how to assess products and recipes
• Network with other canteen managers and volunteers over refreshments
• Sample a range of canteen approved recipes
Canteen menu workshop. Available at:, assessed on 12-10-2016.
To sum it,
Healthy People = Better Business

Child Nutrition

“Food tastes better when you eat with your family”
In today’s time, children need a wide variety of foods for a well-balanced diet. The amount of food will be based on the amount of physical activity. For active kids, snacks play an important role and help in keeping high energy levels. School age is perfect time for kids to learn about healthy food choices as at this age they learn quickly.
Healthy nutrition workshop for school children colleges
A well known saying - "Prevention is better than cure”. It stands so true in a society where obesity and type 2 diabetes are becoming more prevalent among the younger generations; hence children should be able to identify a healthy balanced diet from an early age to prevent this from happening. Dieticians work with community groups and schools to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes via fun and interactive nutrition education incursions or workshops.
Also, set up of in-house nutrition helpdesk in schools and colleges helps in reaching out to the maximum and gives positive result.